TYC is the Original Equipment supplier to International, Suzuki and Freightliner here in the U.S., and to Mini and Ducati motorcycles in Europe.

This is a testament to the TYC quality in design and manufacturing facilities. The aftermarket lamps produced are utilizing many of the same stringent OE quality control protocols.


Independent, third party certified (NSF and CAPA) lamps guarantee OE likeness in fit, form and function, accepted by major insurance companies to prescribe during automotive collision repair.

TYC compared to OE

1 Fit

01 / Fit

All TYC lamps are subject to rigorous vehicle test fit and other procedures to assure quality, drop-in, hassle-free products.


TYC compared to OE

2 Form

02 / Form

Certified ISO9001:2000 and QS9000 facilities produce precision components for all aspects of light assembly. From plastics injection and extrusion to final construction of lamp assemblies and hardware.

TYC compared to OE

3 Function

03 / Function

Rigorous cycling tests are conducted to ensure product service quality in the field. Numerous and arduous lighting parameters subject each lamp design to real world conditions.

TYC compared to OE

4 Process

04 / Process

TYC-mandated internal quality control measures ensure product reliability and ease of installation. This backed with solid manufacturing processes guarantee customer satisfaction.


TYC compared to OE

5 Commitment

05 / Commitment

Strict compliance to all DOT and governing transportation regulation bodies are standard procedure for all product development, ensuring safety and standards alignment with all OE lamp manufacturers.

Differences? there are none. From fit, form, and function, all the way through process and commitment, TYC and OE are alike in so many ways.

TYC conveniently offers "drop-in fit", with comparable tolerance, virtually identical mounting provisions, and interchangeability with OE wiring harnesses. With a commitment to quality products and services, the assurance of a limited lifetime warranty, and a day and a half turnaround for purchase orders, it's simple: TYC is literally the intelligent choice for Head Lamps.

TYC 360 Headlight

Discover the difference of TYC compared to other OEM replacement lamps.

TYC has the ability to design and manufacture the latest LED and adaptive front lighting system (AFS) technologies.

Whenever we have any concern or problem regarding their products, they always provide solutions in the fastest manner. Our customers are all happy with TYC products too. They all know that the TYC logo stands for quality.

Dennis Shiau

Capstone Auto

I purchased 2 headlight assemblies for my 2007 Tundra, I was very impressed with the items. They were an exact fit, and I had everything there that I needed to finish my job.

David Swedlove

Toyota Tundra Owner
Direct Customer

We have been working with TYC-GENERA for many years and the only thing we can mention for them is excellence, starting from product quality and customer service which always are at high levels.

Joe Babikian

Express Body Parts

Once exclusively servicing the crash market, TYC has done an impressive job extending its offering to the traditional aftermarket. TYC has a strong commitment of releasing late model applications and their online presence facilitates an ease in selling their products.

Chip Gresalfi

Aircore Distributors

We have been doing business with Genera for over 15 years due to their great quality and reliable customer service. Prices are very competitive and their parts are reliable. We have never had an issue returning or claiming warranty on defective products. We appreciate that Genera stands by all their products.

Martin Yang

San Jose Trading Company

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